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You are a new artist and you want your song to be played millions of times? Show your songs to music lovers with the music social media makromusic.




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Create Campaigns Easily

Unlike other digital campaign services, you can easily create your campaign in just a few minutes with makromusic for Artist.


Get Discovered by More People

Increase your stats and get a chance to rise in the charts by meeting a proactive audience.


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Track campaign performance closely with easy-to-read tables and graphs.


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Reach a completely organic audience with the makromusic for Artists campaign.

Artist Reviews

Eylül Çekirge

I felt the power of matching music taste! makromusic provided me a platform to meet with thousands who share the same feelings with me at that moment. What a joy to music lovers!

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Simply register to create your campaign

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Choose your music on Spotify and choose the campaign that suits you

Make your payment

Make your payment and let your campaign begin

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Review stats and enjoy boosts while your campaign is live

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Planning a makromusic digital launch is simple and straightforward. You don't need to be a digital marketing expert anymore to share your art with the world!

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Get your music heard

makromusic for Artists brings together music lovers who have discovered new music and their pieces, offers you the opportunity to create a proactive fan base that is constantly interacting with each other. You can create an effective digital campaign for all your works, regardless of the type of song, duration or release date.

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